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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Qualcast Corded Rotary 1300W Mower and 320W Grass Trimmer.

If you are thinking of buying a new lawnmower, as my beloved was recently, this package bearing the respected Qualcast name might catch your eye when browsing the Argos catalogue and website.

Well it caught my eye, so I recommended it to my beloved and that's what she bought.

I suppose I had better give it a good review now, however there are a few things that I noticed once we got the box home, unpacked, assembled and used the tools. I will take the risk...!

Masterplug surge protected USB charger

Looking for a more convenient way of charging my tablet computer, mobile phones and mifi device, without having to carry lots of separate chargers and extension leads around, I invested in one of these Masterplug surge protected USB chargers a few weeks ago.

At just under £8 in Sainsburys I thought it was reasonably priced and it looked rather nice too.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Philips 3000 Series Nose Trimmer

Because I had a £3 off a £30 shop voucher that I wanted to use, and because I have been getting a certain amount of flak about the unsightly nature of my hairy bits, I invested in one of these Philips Nose Trimmers the other day. The Philips NT 3160/10 to be precise.

It is battery powered and the AA battery, which is easy to change, is supplied within the package.

I had it up and running in no time and then faced the dilemma of what should I trim first. My nose or my ears...?

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Tefal MaxiFry Deep Fat Fryer

Could this Tefal MaxiFry be the worlds ugliest Deep Fat Fryer...?

I purchased one a few days ago and am generally very pleased with it, but look at that handle for the basket.

I am not sure if it is Gallic or Phallic, perhaps both for all I know, but it is definitely unsightly....